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About Us

Thank you for visiting Emergency Lights Unlimited. We are your one-stop shop for high quality, fairly priced emergency vehicle lights, blue police LED lights, red, yellow and purple lights--and more!

Emergency Lights Unlimited prides itself on being our customers' first choice: we work hard to find the best emergency lights and equipment and to offer them at the best prices on the internet. Our hard work has paid off. Today, we are known in the industry for our great prices and our great customer service. We have a wide range of partners, from police and fire departments to other government agencies to EMS and volunteer units throughout the world.

Want to know why so many people choose Emergency Lights Unlimited? Perhaps it is because we proudly offer each and every customer:

    • worldwide shipping--an especially great feature because we offer many hard to find items
    • 2-year warranties against defective merchandise
    • top-notch customer service
    • 0% restocking fees

With Emergency Lights Unlimited, every customer is treated like family. All of our products have been handpicked for you. We are a one-stop shop for all of your emergency lighting needs. Come see what you've been missing!