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Privacy Policy

Emergency Lights Unlimited is dedicated to providing a private and secure way for customers to acquire their emergency equipment needs. Our website is engineered with physical, electronic and managerial safeguards. We follow all legal protections, and will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information without your express written permission. Please see the following for further information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that our policy is subject to change. Please visit this page periodically to check for any updates.

Emergency Lights Unlimited's Values in Practice: Knowledge is Power
Emergency Lights Unlimited works hard for its customers. We pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate. One way we accomplish this is by collecting customer information in a variety of ways, such as through quick surveys or payment details during checkout.  Emergency Lights Unlimited utilizes this information to optimize your shopping experience. We use it for internal records to keep track of orders and guard against fraudulent credit card usage, and to tailor our website to customers' needs. With your data, we are able to suggest relevant products and special promotions, maintain warranties and offer contests.

In Action: How Emergency Lights Unlimited Works for You
Emergency Lights Unlimited collects each customer's personal information when a purchase is made. This includes, but is not limited to, the customer's legal name, email, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, order details, credit card and payment information and a password.

Emergency Lights Unlimited or our third party ad and content server may sometimes track the URL a customer came from, the IP or server's physical address and the domain or browser type. We may also analyze the products you viewed on our website and any related information.

Customers may be contacted for marketing research. Since we a small business, we sometimes elect to utilize third party sites for this purpose since we find they are better equipped. However, Emergency Lights Unlimited will not rent or sell your personal information. We have a very strong privacy policy, and have designed our computer system with advanced firewall technology to safeguard all of your information. At any time, you can customize the information that is collected. On the website, there will be a box you can click stating that you do not want your information used for marketing purposes.

C is for Cookie: Cookies and You
One way Emergency Lights Unlimited is able to customize your shopping experience is through the use of cookies. Cookies track which pages are being visited and provides information about how customers are using the website. In turn, this lets us know which products are most popular and what our customers are most interested in. Once we use this information for statistical purposes, it is cleared from our system.

Cookies let us know its you that is visiting our site. Cookies let you access your shopping cart, let us