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Dash & Visor Lights

Dash and Visor Lights are emergency lights that can be mounted to your dash and visor. Fire and EMS vehicles use dash lights, as do police cars and other emergency automobiles. Bright LED dash lights are long lasting and visible in snow, rain and fog, during the day and at night getting drivers attention and ensuring maximum road safety. Emergency Lights Unlimited offers an extensive collection of high-quality, high-efficiency LED dash lights and visor lights including the leading brand name Whelen, Federal Signal and Lumax lighting. With ELU’s interior dash, deck light and visor lights you can be sure your vehicle is equipped with the necessary warning signal lights to ensure definite awareness of its presence on the road.

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Who Are Dash Lights For?

Firefighters, EMS vehicles and police cars use dash lights, as well as volunteer responders, undercover agents, utility services and security agencies - anyone who needs to get noticed and clear the way so they can reach their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

LED Dash Lights

If you are looking to stand out and stay safe, LED lights are the way to go. While incandescent light bulbs tend to burn out or shatter, making them unsuitable for first responder lights, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are bright, energy efficient and long lasting. They are visible in bad weather conditions (including fog, snow and more) as well as during both the day and night. This makes them the first choice for emergency vehicles of all types who need to stay safe while they get noticed and maintain visibility in any situation. Whether you are buying your first interior dash and deck light or are replacing a windshield mountable LED light, you want to ensure your lights are of superior quality. At Emergency Lights Unlimited, we carry leading brands like Federal Signal, Lumax and Whelen dash lights known for quality, longevity, durability and efficiency.


Many dash lights can mount using suction cups, so you can quickly and easily remove or transfer them when necessary. Others are mounted using permanent mounts that screw in to the dashboard. Though these are not transferrable, they are sturdier. Our dash lights are powered by simply plugging in to the cigarette lighter. It's that easy and you are ready to go!

Linear vs TIR

The Linear lens (also known as LIN lens) produces a wider lighter beam, dispersing the light along a wide area, making it clearly visible to both pedestrians and drivers. On the other hand, the TIR lens (Total Internal Reflection) maximizes brightness by focusing the LED lights into a compact, straight beam making it ideal when you need high-brightness at a long distance.

Light Patterns

Our dash lights come with 20 or more LED light patterns and you can even sync multiple light bars to follow the same pattern.

In any emergency situation, we want you to get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible. Use our LED dash lights to warn and alert others of your presence so that they clear the way for you and you can help those in need.